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CBSE Tips & Tricks For Scoring Good Marks

CBSE Tips & Tricks For Scoring Good Marks

Students, how do you prepare for your board exams? Have you made any schedule for that? Have you make any time table for study or have to target which subjects you should read every day? If no then it could be a big problem for you. Just try to make a proper schedule. Make a schedule like that you would be able to give at least one hour per day for four subjects out of your total five subjects.

The students, who make their reading and playing schedule from the starting, definitely score high marks in the exams. But if you have not prepared your time table yet, make it now. Give one hour for one subject every day. It means that you have to study four subjects every day. Then the points come how to study. If you don’t want to study for some time then, don’t try to for a force study as it can make you sleep. It has been seen that if you are not taking interest in reading or studying that you sleeps or you feel lazy. It means you are not utilizing your precious time.

What you should do for reading or studying.

First read for an hour than go for a short break. In this breaking time you can talk to your family members about some interesting things. You can even watch TV for that break and watch only those program that you like most. It will give a new power and freshness in your mind. Then again target second subject read dedicatedly. This way you will be able to utilize your time as well you will not feel lazy.

What is the best time for study?

Hi now come at the point what is the best time for learning. Try to read in the morning time, as in the morning time environment is calm and you mind keeps fresh. It means you can grasp easily whatever you read. And don’t try to study for late night.

There many kinds of samples papers which are available in the market. Choose the right sample papers as per the choice and requirements.

CBSE Sample paper for class 10th and 12th

  1. JPH sample paper for all subjects
  2. Golden sample paper for all subjects
  3. MBD sample paper for all subjects
  4. Master sample paper for all subjects
  5. Natraj sample paper for all subjects
  6. C.P. sample paper for all subjects

MBD sample paper is best for subjects-: Hindi, English and Social Science.

JPH sample paper is best for subjects-: Social Science and english

C.P. sample paper is best for subjects-: Math , Science and S.K.T.

These sample paper are easily available in the market. It can be get from any book depot. By these sample paper you can get good marks in short time. Sample papers are the best thing for learning. It is a very simple way to learn. Sample papers are best especially for those students who have not much time for study as well for those who want to get 100% marks in their examinations. Read More tips and tricks that how to prepare for the cbse exams. how can you get good marks. If you could not study well due to some physically problems don’t worry there is enough time that will give the best result.

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